There are the moments in the life of fat people when you feel you can do everything. Lose 50 kg? No problem! But than… Ok, it could be a little problem. Ok, it’s a big problem.

When you are motivated, you start to write a blog, nothing can’t stop you. But than you feel shame, you failed. And you try to pretend there was no blog, no try to lose weight. You lose all the strengh.

But no winter is eternal. Ok, I got weight. Now I have 132 kg. But just before a week, I had have 134 kg. Yeah, I feel a strenght.

I don’t starve. I didn’t change my menu. I just have started to work out. Every day, seven days. The result?

Two kilos away.

Bye, bye, my fat! You gave me warmth but I don’t want you back.

I want to make it last. I want to work out on and on. And I want to write about it. In the next article, you can looking forward to the story about my working out. You will discover which was the start and what is my motivation.

Two discovers

Two discovers

Today is the day of scary discovery. Yesterday I wrote about not eating chocolate in one evening in the week. And yesterday, I managed that! Yes, it was torturing but I manage that! I’m so happy!

Today it was worse. Yeah, I ate chocolate. Two hundred grams of chocolate to be exact. And with the first bite I felt great. All the tension faded. Suddenly I was absolutly relaxed and I felt big relief.

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I’m on the way of loosing weight… Again

I’m on the way of loosing weight… Again

Hello, is anybody still there?

It is a classical story about a girl. The girl decide to start loosing weight. She loose nine kilograms but than she stop the diet and start to get fat. That’s my story.

Now, after a year, I want to try it again. And I’m not alone. I have a special therapist about that. But step by step.

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I’m scared of Monday

I’m scared of Monday

Tonight I will share my fear with you. I’m extreme nervous. Why? So sit down comfortably and read.

Some time ago, I register me to one website for models. Yeah, I want to be a plus size model. You know, it is no briliant agency, it’s just a page where everyone can register herself like a model and hope that someone notices her. But for the start… good.

And today I got a message. A message from this webside. I shall go to the photo tests for shooting my portfolio. When? On Monday!

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Good and bad days

Good and bad days

It isn’t easy to eat always corectly and abide by eating just 6.564 kj (or 1568 kcal if you want). But I try and mostly it goes well. More complicated is to eat enough protein and above all the fiber. I look after protein because it is very important to sustaining the muscles. For me it’s easier to eat enough of protain than enough of fiber.

Protain is in meat, cheese, milk… And this is natural for me to put this food on my diet. But the fiber? It’s in all weird things and I’m not used to eat they. Maybe just legume but I can’t eat legume every day.

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