Loosing weight isn’t easy. You have appetite for everything what’t  possible, on your tongue you can almost taste various flavours but it something like flavour-ghosts. They torture you, they ridicule you.

Suddenly you smell some aroma deep in your head and you must to eat. Wait! You musn’t! Oh, no. Next dissatisfied desire. And so it carries on, day after day. You are unhappy, hungry and pissed off.

And some people talking about how a little food is enought for they it makes you mad. They can’t be normal after all. They claim you that this appetite dissapear but it is whorst and whorst. You can’t break the habit. You are angry to these people that they lie to you but it is useless for you. You have appetite still

I will never be one of those whom is enought slice of air and drop of dew. And I think if I want to have 90 kg it will be life full of asceticism. The whole life I will have to guard what I will eat and fight with myself.

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