Good and bad days

It isn’t easy to eat always corectly and abide by eating just 6.564 kj (or 1568 kcal if you want). But I try and mostly it goes well. More complicated is to eat enough protein and above all the fiber. I look after protein because it is very important to sustaining the muscles. For me it’s easier to eat enough of protain than enough of fiber.

Protain is in meat, cheese, milk… And this is natural for me to put this food on my diet. But the fiber? It’s in all weird things and I’m not used to eat they. Maybe just legume but I can’t eat legume every day.

Yes, I eat fruit but there is not enough of fiber. In some next article I will concentrate to this nutrients, for sure. But now I want to publish bad and good menu what I ate. I want to show that it is not easy to eat good and if you are on diet and you have the same problem I want to show you, you are not alone.

So, let’s go!

Menu 5.6.2017

oats with rice milk 250 g – 1938 k

  • I ate too much of this meal. This was almost one third of my intake od the day so I decidet to have no snack. Big mistake!

tuna baquet from Bageterie Boulevard 225 g – 2346 kj

  • Other big mistake. My lunch was too caloric. What to say?

plum and curd cheese 250 g – 1135 kj together

  • Finally good meal. This snack has a lot of protain.

plum and 40 g of pork ham – 623 kj

  • again everything was all right

two fried eggs and 40 g of cheese – 1398 kj

  • Just a little dinner because I had exhausted my calories for breakfast and lunch. Usually it happend that I have no space for a slice of bread.


protein: 97 g of 93 g

carbohydrate: 174 g of 227 g

fat: 77 g of 51 g

fiber: 13 g of 28 g

At least that I ate enough of protain. But I have not much carbohydrate and excreme little fiber. Compared to that I ate a great quantity of fat.

In epitome this day was really bad what about food. But some days are good. And about one from those I will write next time.


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