Two discovers

Today is the day of scary discovery. Yesterday I wrote about not eating chocolate in one evening in the week. And yesterday, I managed that! Yes, it was torturing but I manage that! I’m so happy!

Today it was worse. Yeah, I ate chocolate. Two hundred grams of chocolate to be exact. And with the first bite I felt great. All the tension faded. Suddenly I was absolutly relaxed and I felt big relief.

And at the momend I found I’m a bigger junkie than I thought. This is really strong addiction. Can I manage this?

Of course I can! It is not simple but who sad it will be? I have my therapist she will help me. In all attempt is important to keep. That is what does of these things more than the attempts.

I’m hell-bent to have two days without chocolate next week.

I discovered next thing. Today was my diet really good except the chocolate. Just for fun I counted all the kj I ate. I thought it will be all horrible. But! It was good, I would get to the limit but chocolate. When I discovered this I was shocked and sad. If I wasn’t addicted it would be much more easier to loose weight.

I have many work in front of me but I want to go this long way.

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