This page arised when I decided to lose weight. I remember that it was a morning, beginning of June, I went to the tram. It was very hot morning, the sun was burning and the air was heavy. And I felt very bad.

I was 126 kg heavy and I felt like if I shall pass out. I breathed hardly and I wished nothing else than be in the tram with an air-conditioning.

And this was the moment I decided to lose weight.

At first, I must say, I don’t thing that big girls aren’t pretty. I know many beautiful curvy girls and my look isn’t the reason why to lose weight. The reason is strictly medical.

On this blog, I will post my photos, my articles about loosing weight and about everything else. It should be the blog about me, my life, my hobbies, dreams and hopes…

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog! Have a fun!